CSR034: Stranger Than Fiction (2008 Demos)

by Ana Pascal

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Harold Crick: Big flag-burning to get to?
Ana Pascal: Actually, it's my weekly evil-conspiracy and needlepoint group. You wanna come?
Harold Crick: I left my thimbles and socialist reading material at home.


Back in early '08, after the short lived screamo band Tigers are Out, Bears are In disbanded, 3 of its members formed Ana Pascal as a successor of their old band, somewhat. The differences between the two bands are worlds apart tho. While the former was basically indie kids trolling hardcore, Ana Pascal was more experimental with its approach - taking cues from seminal acts Kolya, Slint, Moss Icon, et al. and taking those punk roots into their own realm of improvisation and jamming, like a post-hardcore Grateful Dead who listened to too much Sonic Youth and fuelled by weed and gin.

Naturally, they named the band after Maggie Gyllenhaal's character in Stranger Than Fiction. She p much embodies the band's whole thing anyway - that punk rock fire that makes her hold up a middle finger to the taxman while riffing along with the things that unfold as it comes along as if it was jazz.

All the songs in this compilation of demos are one take jams recorded live with a shitty mic at Francis' place to preserve the spirit of that moment. There are more actually, but we're afraid those songs are forever lost in the great Mediafire purge and HD failure at the turn of the decade. There has been talks on and off throughout the years to revive the band, but only time would tell if that would even actually happen.

It's not like the band formally broke up anyway.


released July 30, 2015

Ana Pascal was:
Tomi Uysingco - vocals/guitar
Francis Cabal - bass/drums
RJ Payumo - drums



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