CSR036: Cancer II

by Dilapidated Buko Pie

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In case ya'll still don't get the common thread happening with all these #tbt posts, it's this: most of us came from the hardcore scene before we started branching out and experimenting on computer music bleep bloops. Case in point: Dilapidated Buko Pie.

Before the homeboy Josh was making sad, downer jams as fellowintrovert, he was part of this political hardcore/cybergrind project alongside punk buds Bongbong and Darell. This was pretty much them in their college dorm spazzing out in front of a DAW with their guitars and punk ideologies on hand.

It was really super hard to get a drummer that was into this kind of aggressive music back then (still sorta is tbh), most of the time drummers of local punk bands are juggling a bajillion bands in-between projects. So what does Dilapidated do? They went with the next best thing - programming their drums to a maximalist effect that would beat you tf down, electropunk curb stomp style.

It should come to no surprise really, since Josh has been making noise music as Sunny Day Happy Tunes the first time I talked to him back in the days of Myspace. You've came a long way baby boy!

Anyway, see DBP in action for yourself here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkkU6dSNDoU
You won't get a chance to see them wreck shit either way since that video is from their first and only show. EVER. Which is sorta sad, but also adds to their whole mystique.

Btw, if you're not from around our hood and was wondering wtf a "buko" is - it means coconut in english. Buko pie is something insanely popular here, especially around DBP's parts. We dunno man, it probs has some political meaning via a gore/porngrind way.


released July 30, 2015

DBP was/is:
Lew Benedict Ranes - guitar/main songwriter
Darrell Duma - bass
Josh Crae Alaban - vocals/programming and noise

Recorded June 2010-June 2011
Originally self-released June 2011



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