CSR039: all gallows eve

by skinxbones

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Charles Manson is an important cultural figurehead turned caricature, who unwittingly shaped the years after the flower children burned itself out into a smouldering pile of acid casualties and undistinguishable Vietnamese guerrillas that smelt of napalm in the morning. Alongside that one faithful night The Stones took the stage at Altamont, Manson and his Family effectively killed the 60s and its hippie dippy dreams of free love and world peace. The darkness slowly crept and ushered in something far more sinister and menacing. Those dark clouds grew even darker as the 20th century closed and up until this day we still feel its hold on popular culture.

Hence this Halloween release from skinxbones (always spelled in lowercase).

Made on a whim, since all hallows' eve is somewhat regarded as a day for us spooks, as well as sxb's long standing obsession with the Tate-Labianca Murders, it was only fitting (in our heads at least) that something like this would come out from us.

For those who don't know, sxb is a project of the Cult's own witch house maestro KLMBRNG. Although, skinxbones' sound leans more on the cloudier, more depressive and dark elements of hiphop, which no doubt is an extension from his foray with the post-r&b project #100YearsofSadness, as well as his last EP with Nemesis Q. It is like an amalgamation of weird internet underground hiphop and the ambient motifs of cloud rap, with a few surprises thrown in from its twists and turns.

Which is why it's funny that his first official release is this EP, "all gallows eve". While skinxbones' production game boasts a vault full of yet to be heard beats, which he would soon roll out in the coming months, there is no denying that the magnetic pull of the evil lurking in the dark is still out to seduce him back into the night - and he didn't even try to fight it, as if it was part of him all along.

Would you be surprised really? Once a witch, always a witch.

"My father is the jailhouse. My father is your system... I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you." -Charles Manson


released October 31, 2015

all songs produced, mixed, and mastered by skinxbones:

vocal samples on always, forever from Always Is All Is Forever written by Charles Manson and performed by The Manson Family

lyrics/vocals on creepy crawl missions by Nemesis Q:

lyrics/vocals on vore by gone girl:



all rights reserved


Cult Shit Media Blackout Philippines

Born in the www & for the kids. OCCVLT TIL DEATH.

Post-internet & post-apocalyptic. The sound of end times and the new beginning.

Releases range from experimental electronic music, outsider folk, hiphop/rap, improvisational noise, lowercase, 8-bit chiptune, psych, punk & hc, etc.
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Track Name: creepy crawl missions feat. nemesis q
Spitting from my grave, Immortal
Words will come and make a wave, a portal
Come and see my kingdom
My dominion
I'm sitting on a throne above the demons

My minions

We be comin on your doors steps
with the x's on our heads
Lurk through the corridors
see you on your bed,

Snatch your wife
Forced her to give me head

She asked me if I'm a lover or a dancer
Bitch, I'm neither.
She went and cried "Mother"
when I killed her with a knife
stab her exactly like the days when the Ranch have fucking died.

girls, go and leave a sign (something witchy?)
yeah bitch, go and paint the town red and bright.

snatch them little details outta sight
snatch them little details outta sight

what a delusion
livin' in that confusion
never gonna face execution
everything's an optical illusion
here's a gift bitch,
total submission

love and understanding for one another?
a ransacked house, with my bloody cult of love and terror?
Track Name: vore feat. gone girl
you got me
under your skin
watch me (watch me)
crawl to your brain

i'll get you thinkin' 'bout me
just me, just me only
thinkin' bout me
that's the way it should be
thinkin' bout me
while you go 'bout your day
thinkin' 'bout me
'til it hurts and it won't go away

ooh babe
that's just the cherry on top
sugar, please me or you'll see a dark place